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Help us stop the theft
The natural resources of Western Sahara are a key element in the conflict, allowing Morocco and other countries to benefit from its occupation.

 Morocco and the EU steal fish, and phosphates from the Western Sahara.

 Moroccan companies grow tomatoes in Western Sahara to export to UK supermarkets.

 Morocco sells sand from the Sahara for tourist beaches on The Canary Islands.

 The profits from this illegal activity are helping to strengthen the occupation.

 To stop this illegal trade the Western Sahara Campaign is taking legal action.

Please give what you can to help our legal challenge.

You can find information about other ways to donate and how your donation will be spent here.

Your donation will help:

 fund our legal challenge to stop the Fisheries Agreement between the EU and

 fund our legal challenge to end the mislabelling of tomatoes from Western Sahara

 challenge trade agreements with Morocco that include Western Sahara

The Western Sahara Campaign has taken the UK government to court for treating products from the Western Sahara as Moroccan. Our lawyers, Leigh Day, were successful and our case was referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union where the ruling went in our favour. We must now ensure that the EU and Morocco uphold that court ruling in their future trade agreements. We may need more legal action to ensure that international law is upheld.

You can read the background to this issue here.

You can read the full Witness Statements here.

The WSC works in solidarity with the Saharawi people.
Support us in our legal challenge to defend their rights.

Thank you!



The Western Sahara Campaign works in solidarity with the Saharawi people to generate political support in order to advance their right to self-determination and to promote their human rights. Our role is to lobby the UK Government and the EU. You can help us to ensure the UK does not ignore the voice of the Saharawi people.



Follow the news about EU's illegal fisheries in Western Sahara

The EU pays Morocco to fish in occupied Western Sahara.