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WSCUK granted permission for judicial review856bmorocco_fish.png
28.06 - 2021 15:09
We have been granted permission by the High Court of England and Wales to bring a judicial review against the government’s decision to adopt the UK-Morocco Association Agreement.
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CrowdJustice - We Need YOU!11.06 - 2021
Be part of Western Sahara’s history...and future.Read more
WSC Newsletter May 202111.06 - 2021
POLISARIO Holds UN Responsible | International Council for Saharawi Political Prisoner Sultana Khaya Condemns her Torture and Sexual Assault | Morocco Detains UK Citizen in Occupied Western Sahara | UN Confirms Widespread Violations Perpetrated by Morocco | Should Biden Endorse the Decision to Recognise Morocco's Sovereignty over WS | Reversing Course on Western Sahara Serves US National Interest | P for Plunder 2021Read more

WSC Newsletter March 202111.06 - 2021
WSC Challenges UK-Morocco Association Agreement | Polisario Front Optimistic about ECJ Verdict | MPs Avoid Questions | “As-Usual” Attitude Towards Western Sahara Recipe for Disaster | Time for International Reengagement in Western Sahara | UNHRC must dispatch observer mission to occupied Western SaharaRead more
Join us - Write to your MP30.03 - 2021
The UN Security Council is reviewing MINURSO, its mission to Western Sahara.

It must do better.

The abject failure of the Security Council to apply the terms of the 1991 Peace Agreement or even to appoint a new and credible special envoy has led to a resumption of war in the Western Sahara. MINURSO has no referendum to organise, no ceasefire to monitor, and its current mandate lacks a human rights function. In the absence of rapid and substantive actions by the Council, MINURSO will be irrelevant to the Saharawi people at a time when repression in the occupied territory is increasing, economic exploitation deepening, and the refugee camps are on a war footing. All this comes amid the Covid crisis.
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Joint Statementwesternsahara_and_palestine.png
21.12 - 2020
Statement on Palestine and Western Sahara posted on 18 December 2020.
Palestine Solidarity Campaign | Western Sahara Campaign UK | UNISON | Unite the Union | GMB | NEU
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WSC Newsletter January 202121.12 - 2020
A note from our Chair | Trade, Guerguerat and the UK | Amnesty call for Human Rights Monitoring | UNHRC | Aggression | Stories of the Sahara | Four Days in Occupied Western SaharaRead more
WSCUK Responds to President Trump's Dangerous Announcement21.12 - 2020
President Trump’s recognition of Moroccan claims to sovereignty over Western Sahara is regrettable for its insult to the Saharawi people, for the damage it does to the international standing of the US, and the dangerous precedent it sets.
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WSC Newsletter November 202021.12 - 2020
MINURSO | Guerguerat | South Africa and Russia in the UNSC | OHCHRRead more
Why has Polisario resumed armed operations?17.11 - 2020
Saharawi fighters have engaged Moroccan forces for the first time since 1991. The moribund peace agreement is in danger of finally expiring. What has happened and why?Read more

WSC Newsletter September 2020ws_flag_2_510.jpg
09.11 - 2020
UNSC | Solar plant in WS | Cycling for WS | Companies operating in and produce from WS | CODESA | Guerguerat Border Crossing | Forced Disappearances | Livestock Epidemic
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Statement from Western Sahara APPG27.10 - 2020
Statement on behalf of the UK Parliament’s Western Sahara All Party Parliamentary Group ahead of the MINURSO vote in the UN Security Council this week. Read more
Open letter to UNSC from international WS solidarity groups27.10 - 2020
Ahead of the MINURSO vote in the UN Security Council, we have coordinated several regional group letters and an open letter from the international Western Sahara solidarity groups.

You find the letter and its signatories below:
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UNSC Vote on MINURSO05.10 - 2020
As the UNSC prepares to vote on the renewal of MINURSO, the Western Sahara international solidarity movement must put pressure on the UN Security Council to immediately take the necessary steps to bring about a just and lasting peace for the people of Western Sahara.

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The Saharawi Commission Against Moroccan Occupation (ISACOM)05.10 - 2020
Following the founding of the Saharawi Commission Against Moroccan Occupation in September this year, we write to Aminatou Haidar, ISACOM President.Read more

Support our latest actiontomatoes.jpg
26.06 - 2020
Despite rulings in the CJEU and the English and Welsh Court, supermarkets continue to source tomatoes from Dhakla, Western Sahara and to label them as Produce of Morocco so as to benefit from tax breaks. WSC has raised this with Trading Standards but they are unwilling to pursue the matter. We need more evidence that consumers are concerned.
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The Western Sahara Campaign works in solidarity with the Saharawi people to generate political support in order to advance their right to self-determination and to promote their human rights. Our role is to lobby the UK Government and the EU. You can help us to ensure the UK does not ignore the voice of the Saharawi people.



Follow the news about EU's illegal fisheries in Western Sahara

The EU pays Morocco to fish in occupied Western Sahara.