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Despite rulings in the CJEU and the English and Welsh Court, supermarkets continue to source tomatoes from Dhakla, Western Sahara and to label them as Produce of Morocco so as to benefit from tax breaks. WSC has raised this with Trading Standards but they are unwilling to pursue the matter. We need more evidence that consumers are concerned.
This is where you can help...

When you are shopping look at the label on tomatoes. The different supermarkets source tomatoes from Western Sahara at different times of the year. If you see 'Moroccan tomatoes' ask their origin. You can ask Customer Services in store. Leave your name and address or e-mail and ask them to check with Head Office and to write to you. Alternatively you can contact Customer Services online.

You can make the point that, as they may be aware, Morocco occupies part of Western Sahara. This raises a number of issues, humanitarian and legal. Some products are actually produced in Western Sahara are incorrectly labelled 'Moroccan' when they are sold in shops.

It is important to you to know whether Moroccan products are in fact Moroccan or actually from Western Sahara. Could they please let you know the precise origin of the tomatoes. It could help to attach a photo of the tomatoes.

We need statements from the supermarkets, particularly Asda, Aldi, Lidl, and Sainsbury.

Please send replies to who you can also contact for more information or help.



The Western Sahara Campaign works in solidarity with the Saharawi people to generate political support in order to advance their right to self-determination and to promote their human rights. Our role is to lobby the UK Government and the EU. You can help us to ensure the UK does not ignore the voice of the Saharawi people.



Follow the news about EU's illegal fisheries in Western Sahara

The EU pays Morocco to fish in occupied Western Sahara.